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More Americans Buying Homes Overseas
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“It’s boom time on the Baja California coastline as U.S. buyers seduced by dramatic ocean views and bargain prices snap up properties from Rosarito Beach to Ensenada.”
-- Don Kohlbauer / Union Tribune

”The telephone has been ringing off the hook for every real estate agent in town”
-- Diane Gibbs / Real Estate Agent

“Still, with ocean-view homes in California priced at stratospheric levels, investing in Baja California has become an affordable way for many U.S. citizens to fulfill their dream of owning beachfront property.”
-- Peggy Peattie / Union-Tribune

“Two years ago, you could find a nice oceanfront home for $220,000,”...”now they are selling for $580,000.”
-- Gustavo Torres / Real Estate Agent

“Along the Tijuana-Ensenada corridor, interest in buying property has skyrocketed over the past year.”
-- CBS News / “The American Dream in Mexico”

“Resorts across Mexico are experiencing a surge in U.S. buyers.”
-- T. Ellsworth / Tourism Consultant

“To buy a place the equivalent of that up here [California], you’d be paying millions”
-- Todd Glimme of San Diego

“Even as more developments rise, there are more customers than supply.”
-- San Diego Union Tribune

“Last year, 36 percent of all real estate sales, or about $560 billion, were vacation homes and investment properties.”
-- David Lereah Chief Economist / National Association of Realtors




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