Condo Hotel Ownership

What Is A Condo Hotel?

Condo hotels are resort properties that sell condo usage to individual investors who use the condos for vacationing and/or investment purposes. When they're not using them, the condos will be placed into an organized rental program. The rental proceeds are split between the operator and individual owner; this helps offset the operational expenses for the individual owner. Condo Hotel owners also have the right-to-will, transfer, and/or sell their ownership rights and keep profits derived from appreciation. So a Condo Hotel provides worry free vacation home ownership combined with great investment potential.


Why Should I Buy At Costa Baja Versus Another Condo Hotel?

· LOCATION! Costa Baja Condo Hotel is located in the hottest real estate market in North America, the Rosarito-Ensenada corridor of Baja California, Mexico.

· MARKET! Ensenada has a diversified economy that includes not only tourism but international import/export of manufactured goods, seafood, and produce. Ensenada is also a center of education with concentrations in science, medicine, and marine biology. Many national and international corporations operating in Mexico have regional headquarters in Ensenada and have use our city as a base of operations for large infrastructure projects in Baja California. All these activities and the other companies that support these industries contribute to in producing a strong market economy that is insulated from boarder town issues and one that can manage economic cycles better than other resort cities. This allows Costa Baja to draw from tourism during high season, holidays, and special events and business travelers during off seasons to create consistent occupancy throughout the year.

· PRICE! Our ownership program is competitively priced to greatly enhance buyer’s appreciation value potential and realize greater rental revenue profit margins.

· WORLDWIDE RESERVATION SYSTEM! Costa Baja Condo Hotel is equip with the latest technology to make our property available to over 500,000 travel agencies and hundreds of millions of potential hotel guest through the biggest online booking agencies in the world through our reservation system. This system assists us in achieving higher occupancy/rental rates so that our owners can realize greater monthly returns than common Condo Hotel properties that do not invest in this technology.

· LAST MINUTE AVAILABILITY! Generally, Condo Hotel owners are required to make advanced reservations by weeks or even months to secure their Condo Hotel unit for a stay, especially during high season. At Costa Baja, if you or family and friends have a last minute need or desire to use your Condo Hotel unit and it has been pre-reserved by a regular hotel guest, then you can choose to be accommodated in one of our 38 Hotel Suites available. The Costa Baja Hotel Suites are available with 1 King Bed or 2 Double Beds and have been assembled to the same standards and design quality as the 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Condo Suites. This is just one of many revolutionary benefits you will only find at Costa Baja Condo Hotel.

· IN-HOUSE FINANCING! Many vacation homebuyers rely on home equity loans and/or second mortgages on their U.S. properties to purchase their dream home in Mexico. Due to higher fees, a lengthy qualification process, and not wanting to leverage their homes, buyers often wish they had other financing options to realize these dreams. We at Costa Baja Condo Hotel have your needs and desires in mind and offer in-house financing without any credit checks or qualifications. Purchase yours now and take advantage of our low down payment offers!

· ADDED BENEFITS! Costa Baja Condo Hotel owners are not individually billed annual maintenance fees, insurance premiums, membership dues or property taxes.


How Can I Purchase At Costa Baja Condo Hotel Now?

Below is a downloadable version of our Condo Hotel reservation agreement for you to secure ownership in the hottest selling real estate project in North America. Do not hesitate! CONTACT US now for further instructions and info on how to reserve your piece of Costa Baja Condo Hotel while it lasts.


Condo Hotel Reservation Agreement


When Can I Begin Using My Condo Hotel At Costa Baja?

Costa Baja is currently opperating as a functioning hotel property. Limited use is now available to our owners and general customers. Full occupancy is expected to begin in the Fall of 2009 after total property and suite renovations have been completed.

Prices, deposits, building design, architectural renderings, floors plans, square footage, site plans, amenities, retail services, features and specifications are subject to change without notice. This is not an offer to sell, or solicitation of offers to buy, the ownership interests in states where such offer of solicitation cannot be made.

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